Where to Watch Birds in Lancashire

Where to Watch Birds in Lancashire

Lancashire is known for its beautiful scenery and rich biodiversity. It has a plethora of bird watching sites that offer visitors excellent opportunities to observe the vast array of birds, some of which are the rarest under the sun. In this blog post, we will explore six Lancashire spots for bird lovers.

Forest of Bowland

This is one of Lancashire’s most extensive heather moorlands and blanket bog, attracting many rare bird species. Catch sight of the red grouse, merlin, goshawk, and many more birds here.


If you want to see some of the most enigmatic birds that Lancashire has to offer, Tosside is the place for you. With an extensive network of paths that allow visitors to get up close with nature, it’s no wonder why this spot is one of the most popular birdwatching sites in the county. Here, you can see a variety of birds, including the European bee-eater.

Forest habitats

The spot has a lot to offer, including some truly unique birds like the osprey and hen harrier. With its diverse habitats and woods, the site is a great place to learn more about birdwatching.

Heysham Nature Reserve

With a trail that goes all the way around Lancashire’s Heysham Nature Reserve, visitors can get up close and personal with some of Lancashire’s rarest birds. These include linnets, whitethroats, and grasshopper warblers, and many more.


This gem is an excellent birdwatching site, and it’s also home to Lancashire’s most beautiful birds like yellowhammers and stonechats, as well as hen harrier. Here, you can also catch some of the rarest birds, including nightjars and woodlarks.

Ainsdale Sands Lake

The area is known for its wide variety of bird species, including Lancashire’s very own osprey. From the beautiful scenery to the wealth of birds at Ainsdale Sands Lake, it’s no wonder this spot made our list.